Francis Rosales

“What excites me the most is to find for you impacting ideas to share your message with your target.”
+33 6 50 42 42 16


Kim Renard

“What I enjoy most is working with you on the ‘melody’ of each project and turning it into your greatest symphony.”
+33 4 91 58 58 28


Ismahane Yassin

“Like the conductor of an orchestra, my job is to bring harmony to all my resources and make sure your project is a success.”
+33 6 10 43 95 28

  • Commissaire Générale

Véronique Piguet-Lacroix

“Step by Step, I build for you the best BtoB exhibition in the south! “

  • Data Manager

Flavie Roca

“With sunshine in my voice and a smile on my lips, the telephone and the databases are my best friends!”

  • Webdesigner

Manon Benedetto

“I’m the team’s creative element, bringing colour to our daily life with my wide-ranging palette.”