Notre méthodologie en 9 étapes

Our team put their skills to work and provide support from the beginning
of the project to the final event in nine key steps:


1. Client briefing: you give us your wishes and aims, and together we develop a creative lead
2. Context analysis: we look at your ecosystem, the potential strengths and weaknesses relating to the event


3. Building up to the event: we create the guiding thread for the event based on the creative lead and our context analysis


4. Search for service-providers:we choose and negotiate with partners from our network


5. Project tracking: approval of the various points, reverse planning


6. Coordination: pre-meeting at venue, seating plans, briefing for service-providers, etc.


7. Operational setup: technical setup and fine-tuning, briefing for teams


8. Event


9. End: mission results: statistical report, R.O.I. benefits