Our method in 9 steps


We provide support in segmenting and recruiting your target audience and create a specific world for you.

1. Identification of target audience: we identify the key features of your target audience so we can adapt our recruitment approach


2. Analysis of the context and issues:we identify your target-audience ecosystem


3. Data sourcing and extraction of target contacts from databases: our data manager draws up a list of contacts. We then use the list to send out invitations by e-mail for the event and during the telephone campaign


4. Tips, recommendations and selection of tools for the promotion campaign: we enhance your message and the graphic design on promotional materials for your event invitations


5. Printing and distribution: our skills extend to printing, web design and developing. We set up websites, an e-mail campaign and digital applications and interfaces


6. Phone campaign and corrective actions: invitations and assessment of your target clients by our phone experts in line with the profile drawn up beforehand


7. Results and statistical report: we provide a final listing of expected guests and analyse the statistics from the promotional campaign so we can measure your event’s ROI