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An innovative idea for doing business in the regions!

It all takes place on board a coach that has been specially divided into 9 work spaces. Each partner has their own space on board. The event is an opportunity for tourism professionals to meet up in a business-like and friendly setting, similar to a "speed dating".

Each trip takes a different route, with the chance to meet up with travel agencies, works committees, tour operators, events-planning agencies and coach companies. The top-of-the-range coach sets off on a 4-day trip.

The agencies are invited to join us at each city stopover until the workshop on Thursday evening

Comfortably seated on the coach, they can enjoy a drink with us at lunchtime or in the evening. After the event, they are given a bag with all the partners’ documents. At the end of the tour, you are given a database including all the participants.

Image de la soirée Workshop

From Monday to Thursday, the coach stops in a different city at noon and every evening for a highlight event: the BusMeeting Workshop. It takes place every Thursday evening in the biggest city on the tour!

We select a prestigious site in the city, and the travel agents are invited to take part in the big workshop to round off the business week and help you create more leads.

  • Itinéraire
    New routes
  • Expertise
    Expert help and tips
  • Retour sur investissement
    Proven ROI: high-quality leads set up in a short time
  • Immeuble
    A major city selected for the workshop
  • Calendrier
    Optimum use of your time: 8 cities in 4 days

The campaign

Advertising campaign

Visibility on the website and in the newsletter via a range of communications media

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Photo report

Photos posted during and after the tour on the official Facebook page

Picto Photos

Email campaign

Geolocated e-mails sent to agencies in the selected cities

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Coach decorated in the partner’s colours

Picto oeil
Picto article


Articles are featured on before, during and after the tour. The articles are also included on the Facebook page BusMeeting

Picto vidéos

Video report

A video is made during the tour, then shown on and the Facebook page BusMeeting

Picto téléphone

Phone campaign

A series of calls are made to all the travel agencies, tour-operators, events-planning agencies, works committees and coach companies in the selected cities

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We will contact everyone signed up for the event by phone or text message until the day the event takes place

A global marketing campaign worth €30,000

Upcoming event

SOuth west EVENT

November 23 to 26, 2020

Day Morning Evening
23/11/2020 Monday Clermont-Ferrand Rodez
24/11/2020 Tuesday Beziers Perpignan
25/11/2020 Wednesday Toulouse Tarbes
26/11/2020 Thursday Biarritz Bordeaux


13th event

12th event

11th event


Photos de Sabrina Ellero

Sabrina Ellero

Groups key account and incentive manager at Angela Shangley Associates

“The concept is innovative. The travelling workshop is a chance for partners to move around and go to meet the agencies directly. The other advantage is that the roadshow is organised by a major professional media company, We participate on as a destination management company. This is a good way to enter the French market. provides the skills and the contacts to put us in touch with distributors. I have already had feedback and requests from independent agencies looking for a tour-operator/destination management in the UK."

Photos de Sabrina Ellero

Jean-Benoît Valla

Centara Hôtels & Resorts

“BusMeeting” helped us save money, so we did not go over our budget for B2B sales development: a phone campaign, reminders about the event, etc. takes care of everything. Plus we visited cities where I probably wouldn’t have gone and that proved to be very dynamic. There are also possibilities for partnerships in the future that could bear fruit with some of the roadshow partners. All in all, there’s a great atmosphere, and the organising team were excellent!"

Photos de Sabrina Ellero

Clément Mousset & Sven Lebrecht

Sales Manager at Celestyal Cruises

“The roadshow is worthwhile because you can meet a large number of travel agents in several different towns during the week, unlike at a trade show, which would take much longer in each town. The concept is also really convivial. It’s great to invite travel agents for lunch in the coach and for a drink in the evening. The idea is interesting for smaller sales teams that can’t afford to visit every town. It’s highly likely that Celestyal Cruises will be taking part in the operation again."

Photos de Sabrina Ellero

Béatrice Frantz

Saleswoman at Star Clipper

"For small businesses with no sales staff, it is worthwhile taking part in the roadshow to have some presence on the ground in several different towns in just a short space of time, while providing one-to-one training where you can create a business relationship. The vital point is that we have control over the list of participants. Lastly, the coach and the wifi access mean you can work between stops, and do the follow-up remotely. This was an essential aspect for us. The organisation and efficacy of MyEventStory were really excellent!"

4 500 €

per event

To benefit from this rate, you need to contribute a prize that will be given to travel agents during the draw at the workshop. For example: A holiday, a weekend, a flight, etc.


Photo de Ismahane YASSIN

Ismahane YASSIN

MyEventStory Project Manager +33 6 10 43 95 28
 Photo de Francis ROSALES


MyEventStory Associate Director
Ditex / Top Cruise Director +33 6 50 42 42 16

Pictogramme d'un car Do you want us to organise your themed roadshow with all your partners? Now you can! Don’t hesitate to contact us. (Exact cost depending on your request)